Lovelady Diamond Brief History: The owner of Lovelady Diamond, Glenn Lovelady, graduated from the American School of Diamond Cutting in 1980.  A small private school that never had more than 40 students at a time. His initial diamond cutting shop started in his dad’s garage which he quickly moved to downtown San Jose in 1981. Since then he has greatly expanded his emphasis on educating the public, in buying and selling with 100% full disclosure. Realizing there was an abundance of misinformation and lack of product knowledge in the industry, he went on to write “Mastering Diamonds”.  A self-instructional course for individuals desiring to learn diamonds inside and out was now available.  By clicking here you are able to view an excellent resource for the trade or any individual interested in expanding their knowledge of this fascinating gemstone.

The Lovelady Diamond brief history must include his emphasis on polite, professional, and quick service.  Our staff is ready to answer your questions with an informed response that makes sense. We take pride in providing a pleasant and informative experience with the assurance of dealing with a 43-year-old company.  We are  A+ Rated on the BBB, 100+ Yelp reviews with 5-Stars, and over 3000 100% Positive eBay Reviews for your confidence.

Glenn Lovelady continues to pursue his diamond and jewelry passion for the joy of the product. This would also include the joy of constant connection with the public in buying and selling. He also continues to write for publications and does diamond photomicrography and jewelry photography.