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As diamond buyers & jewelry buyers since 1980 we want you to be 100% confident when it's time to sell jewelry or sell diamonds safely & discreetly.

If you are ready to sell diamond jewelry, sell a diamond engagement ring, sell gold, sell Rolex watches to the knowledgeable, trusted source since 1980 we are here for you. When selling jewelry to Lovelady Diamond, not only do you receive an extremely competitive offer but you are treated with the utmost respect and professional business etiquette. Tired of being treated like another number instead of a valued customer? Whether selling a Rolex or selling a diamond ring we will work hard to make you a repeat customer.

If you would like to “sell jewelry” in a secure, fast and competitive way. Since 1980 Lovelady Diamond, has focused on buying and selling gold, platinum and silver jewelry with complete transparency. If you want to sell diamonds please call, email or fill out one of the below forms to get an offer estimate in a timely fashion.

If you would like to “sell a Rolex or other luxury watch” we specialize in knowing the exact product and explaining value and what our (or your) potential selling price would be. High-end watches can be very trendy and the buyers are very particular so let us explain what to expect. If you want to sell Rolex or other fine luxury watches contact us at your convenience by phone, email or via the applicable form below.

If you would like to “sell a diamond ring or sell diamond jewelry” you’ve come to the right place. The owner, Glenn Lovelady, is not only a buyer, seller, diamond cutter but also the author of Mastering Diamonds. If you want to sell diamond jewelry contact us at your convenience by phone, email or via the applicable form below.

If you would like to“sell gold or sell silver” or “sell collectibles
We go above and beyond by offering alternative methods if it is necessary for you to get the very last dollar for your valuables or if you want to sell a large or small quantity to get cash for gold.

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Since 1980 we have received thousands of insured packages via USPS, FedEx and UPS emphasizing discreet and timely transactions with extremely competitive offers. We are currently offering FREE bank wire transfers to U.S. states and FREE shipping labels to qualified items. Please contact us for further information.

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Even if you do not want to sell diamond jewelry at this time you might be very interested in our constant influx of estate jewelry being updated daily. As aggressive and competitive pre-owned jewelry buyers we need good homes for hundreds of items at any given time. Pay a fraction of retail for our properly represented items with a 14-30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Remember you’re saving a lot of money and you’re saving the planet by not promoting new mining operations. (Note: We prefer not to call it Used Jewelry for Sale since it has been refurbished to near-new or premium condition).

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Mission Statement: The goal of any business is to be successful but to end it there would be too easy for someone that loves what he does and is very good at it. Diamonds and what came to follow was such a fascination that I realized that the financial success became secondary because even more importantly I love to write about and talk about those pretty little bobbles that are more commonly called diamonds, gems, jewelry, fine watches and glittering metals. In the last 38 years of exposing myself to many people in the business it came to my attention that many of these so-called business people are not interested in the product at all but rather the profit that comes from it. The vast misrepresentation of the many products involved today is rampant and I pride myself in clearly separating myself with accurate information regardless of what I think the outcome will be. Truth will always prevail!At Lovelady Diamond we promise to make your experience as rewarding, professional and timely as possible. After 33 years our experience and knowledge has allowed us to be on the cutting edge of competetivness as buyers and sellers in the industry. With no pressure to buy or sell we just ask for your trust that we’ve always believed should be earned and not presumed.Glenn Lovelady
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During the Covid-19 crisis we are still serving the public with safeguards. At this time our hours are 2PM to 6PM, Monday through Saturday. No Appointment Necessary.

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