Diamond Positives and Negatives Specs

Diamond Positives and Negatives Specs

The following characteristics would increase value of the offer on diamonds:

  • Table sizes between 53% and 57%
  • Depth between 60.5% and 62.5% (different for fancy shapes)
  • Girdle thickness between “thin and slightly thick”
  • Polish and symmetry characteristics of “Excellent” to “Very Good”
  • GIA Reports (Many times we can give exact offers sight unseen)

The following characteristics would decrease value of the offer on diamonds:

  • Table size less than 53% or greater than 62% (different for fancy shapes)
  • Depth less than 59% or greater than 65% (different for fancy shapes)
  • Girdle thickness greater than “slightly thick” or less than “thin”
  • Culets larger than medium
  • Crown and pavilion angles outside of acceptable parameters
  • Polish and symmetry characteristics less than “Good”
  • Present girdle reflection in table (fisheye)
  • Medium to strong blue fluorescence
  • Dark inclusions, nicks, chips, bruises, abrasions, burned surfaces, drill lines, fracture filling, girdle bearding, open cavities or haziness
  • Inaccurate representation of grading
  • Brown tones (versus yellow tones)

I hope these guidelines will help you in making a wise decision in selling your diamond jewelry. If you have any questions or would like to order a free shipping kit please call (800) 854-0014 or email us: diamonds@gemgate.com

Alert: It has come to our attention that two of our internet competitors are making artificially high offers only to reduce the final offer drastically after the item is in hand. We do not subscribe to this bait and switch tactic and would encourage BBB complaints against those who do.

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