1. Complete the Mail-in Inventory (PDF Document 300KB) Form and secure the items with packaging material (avoid rattling).
  2. Place items into any cardboard box measuring at least 5 inches x 3.5 inches (of any depth).
  3. Seal the open seams of the box with 2-inch wide brown paper tape. Do not use plastic tape, cord, string, or twine.
  4. Handwrite or print the delivery address clearly with a pen or permanent marker.
  5. Handwrite (directly on box) or print a label with your return address in the upper left corner of the box (on same side as the delivery address).
  6. Before standing in line at the post office, fill out the PS form 3806, available at the post office rack. Complete the TO and FROM boxes, enter the Full Value, and place a check mark in the “With Postal Insurance” box. After paying a small fee, the clerk will give you a copy of the receipt along with a tracking number.

For more information and a price listing please check out the USPS website.