Sell Watches Reliably

Timepieces can be a trendy market but we have all the necessary information to determine what we can pay to satisfy you as the seller and leave a small profit to run our business. We are not watch snobs so we have expanded broadly outside of the typical “we only buy Patek, Rolex and Cartier” mentality. To get in touch with us about your watch, please send us a message in the form below.

The following characteristics would increase value of the offer on timepieces:

  • Original Box and Papers
  • Clean Scratch-Free Case and Bracelet
  • Clean Crystal
  • High Periodic Demand

The following characteristics would decrease the value of the offer on timepieces at least slightly:

  • Missing Links: They will have to be replaced with genuine parts
  • Non-Original Parts: A genuine bracelet but unmatched with model
  • Non-Authentic: Counterfeiting of fine watches is commonplace
  • Non-Authentic Parts: Sometimes parts will be mixed and matched
  • Engraving: Personalizing a fine watch is always a drawback
  • Damaged Crystal: If nicks are difficult to see discount is minimal
  • Deep Scratches: Deep scratches on the case or bracelet are difficult to repair
  • Missing Box & Papers: Small discount without original box and papers
  • Needs Repair: Depending on the problem and parts needed small to significant discount
  • Bracelet Integrity: With wear metal bracelets will stretch
  • Bezel Damaged: Deep scratches or dents especially on enameled bezels
  • Case Back Teeth: Damage to teeth on case back due to tool slippage
  • Crown Winding Tension: Too much tension may indicate need for overhaul
  • Lug Scratches: Many times lugs are scratched due to improper band removal
  • Lack of Demand: Mostof the fine watches we buy are high demand but not all

I hope these guidelines will help you in making a wise decision in selling your timepiece. If you have any questions or would like to order a free shipping kit please call (800) 854-0014 or email us:

Alert: It has come to our attention that two of our internet competitors are making artificially high offers only to reduce the final offer drastically after the item is in hand. We do not subscribe to this bait and switch tactic and would encourage BBB complaints against those who do.


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