Sell a GIA Diamond or Allow Us to Send to Lab

This applies to non-GIA or non-AGS diamonds only. Lovelady Diamond will pay you immediately based on our estimation of a GIA Grading Report outcome. Once the GIA report is returned to us with your diamond a predetermined additional payment will be made if the grade comes back higher than expected.

If we do not already have your diamond on hand go to our Selling Page and choose the Diamond Jewelry button or simply call (800) 854-0014. We also offer the Exact Diamond Quote page which can be extremely helpful in zeroing in precise value before sending your item.

Why the GIA Option is the smart way to get a fair and honest offer.

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the most recognized and respected lab in the world and allows the seller to liquidate diamonds sight-unseen without the potential argument of grading which allows the negotiation of a lower price.

It protects the buyer and the seller from guesswork. Once GIA submits the report the final grade will be certain.

How the GIA Option works.

We will make you an offer based on what we see in the mounting. We will give you a schedule of offers including what we pay immediately. This initial amount will get mailed out (or overnight upon request) immediately. In addition we give you other possible color and clarity combinations in which we would pay a higher amount. If the diamond is returned from GIA with a higher quality than what we paid you for, you will receive a second payment of a predetermined amount along with a copy of the GIA report. If both parties agree to use the GIA option, we will remove diamond to confirm our findings and check for any hidden damage or miscalculation of quality.

Please call or email if you any questions. Our friendly expert diamond buyers are always available to talk to you during our business hours.

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