Suggested Diamond Appraisal for Accurate Cash Value Purposes


Appraisers Name & Address


Phone Number

Brief description of diamond jewelry item including:

Mounting style: e.g. solitaire ring

Metal type: Stamped? Acid Tested?

Designer name if applicable:

Metal weight in pennyweights (dwt) or grams:

Description of accent diamonds or other gemstones including accurate clarities and colors insofar as mounting allows. Estimated weight of additional diamonds in carats and/or colored gemstones separately insofar as mounting allows.

Center diamond description:


Measurements: (estimate depth if mounting obstructs measurement):


Depth Percentage (estimate if mounting obstructs measurement):

Table Percentage:

Girdle Thickness (If hidden make notation):




Clarity Grade:

Color Grade:

Fluorescence: (Should be exposed to long-wave ultraviolet light)

Additional Comments: Such as damage (chips, nicks, bruises or burns). Naturals, haziness present due to clouds or strong fluorescence. Intense bowtie in elongated fancy shapes. Dark center due to high pavilion or fisheye due to flat pavilion angles and/or large table.

Retail Replacement Value Optional (Strictly for insurance retail replacement purposes).