Correct Diamond Jewelry Appraisal

A report card of appraisals:

The title of the appraiser means little if they do not carry out the necessary standards of accurate grading and description. The appraisal will only be as good as the appraiser's concern for accurate, detailed information.

Emphasis on accuracy of Carat Weight, Color, Clarity, and Cut including, measurements, table percentage, depth percentage, girdle thickness, polish, symmetry, culet size, fluorescence and perhaps additional comments and key to characteristic symbols drawn on a plot chart. Gram weight of the accompanying ring with metal type and detailed description of additional stones with photo of jewelry item. Signed with appraiser’s printed name and contact information and credentials.
Very Good
Remove (from Excellent category) plot chart and photo.
Remove (from Excellent category) plot chart, photo and two of the following specifications: table percentage, depth percentage, girdle thickness.
Remove (from Excellent category) plot chart, photo and three of the following specifications: table percentage, depth percentage, girdle thickness, fluorescence for Excellent category. In addition missing or illegible contact information. Over-inflated retail replacement value. One or two grades higher than reasonable color and clarity grade assessment.
Little regard for any accuracy in color and clarity grading. Missing most of specs especially the most important such as: diameter measurements and table percentage. Severely over-inflated retail replacement value giving the buyer a false sense of value and potentially causing years of unnecessary personal property insurance coverage premiums. No legible title, name and contact information of appraiser.

The good news and the bad news on appraisals:

The good news is there are a number of very competent and professional jewelry appraisers available that emphasize accuracy and reasonable retail replacement values. The bad news is to find a good jewelry appraiser you will likely have to do your homework. The vast majority appraisals we look at are unfortunately inaccurate or missing important information. If looking for a professional tell him (or her) to emphasize GIA accuracy because you may want to send it to the lab yourself. Make sure any problems with specs are listed such as unacceptable table percentage, unacceptable depth percentage. Polish, symmetry, culet size and the presence or absence of fluorescence is also very helpful in determining final cash value.

After 28 years in the industry we have found that the lack of disclosure and accuracy seems to be more common than the full disclosure and an emphasis on accuracy and education of the buyer. We take misrepresentation very seriously and often recommend the pursuit of a full refund from the original seller. Please call us at (800) 854-0014, or email us at if you have any further questions.

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