Self-Instructional Diamond Course

The Mastering Diamonds DVD (PDF document) course is $49 with free shipping (8.75% tax applies within CA). There is no support offered with this but it is a very easy to follow book. Being an expert in the product that you’re selling is essential to being successful – especially in the competitive diamond trade. Gaining that crucial knowledge and expertise just became easier. Introducing Mastering Diamonds, the first course for the diamond industry or serious hobbyist, that won’t break the bank. This easy-to-follow course is filled with over 300 full color photos and illustrations that cover all the fundamental topics you need to know. Additionally, every chapter is followed by review questions that will challenge and develop your knowledge. Mastering Diamonds has been read, edited and endorsed by leading professionals inside and outside of the diamond trade to assure quality information and accuracy.

This is a serious course for people that want to become a diamond entrepreneur or improve their skills in an established diamond business. A very large percentage of the population will be involved in purchasing or receiving a diamond sometime in their life, so the business potential is staggering. The retailers and dealers that are the most successful are those who know their product well. Many times a retailer or diamond merchant will not know how to answer the simplest question accurately in regard to the product that they are marketing. Study and complete this easy-to-understand course and you will be amazed in the difference of your buying and selling effectiveness shortly afterwards.

Please call today if you have any questions about the materials or would like to register: (800) 854-0014. $49 and free shipping. This includes: 1 DVD that contains a 226 page course including text, study questions, over 120 illustrations and over 190 full color photos).
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