Diamond Price Competitiveness | Are Your Diamonds the Right Price?

This diamond-size-indicator is a great prop for retail clientele to show the different size categories. Since these are not diamonds the cost is very affordable.

Competitiveness is always an issue with any product, especially a product that is in very high demand. To get started in the trade, you may have to deal almost exclusively with bargain shoppers. These shoppers are looking for the absolute best price they can get and you will be just one dealer in a sea of many. To succeed, you must stand out above the rest by offering something better. What can you offer that is better –besides a very competitive price? Knowledge! Knowledge of diamonds inside and out and knowledge of how the business works. Getting the right diamond with your good credit, or having the right diamond in stock, together with your buying skills will be key. Many times the higher price will still sell because someone was knowledgeable enough to have the right diamond and appease the buyer’s qualms.

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