Diamond Business What You Need First | Selling Diamonds Start With Basics

If you’re just starting out, you probably won’t want to invest a lot of money in lab equipment. But some basics are highly recommended: A presentable office, which does not contain distractions that may detract your customer’s attention. Loud colors and exotic artwork on the walls are not conducive to diamond selling. Neutral, light-colored walls with perhaps a few diamond-related pictures on them. Enough chairs for everyone to sit in, including extras for the in-laws that want to come along. Good lighting so there is no question that you aren’t trying to hide something. A large enough desk to get at least one couple huddled around it with their legs under it for more comfort. Tweezers, lint-free cleaning cloth, color grading tray, and a 10x loupe, are absolute necessities. A gem- scope is highly recommended eventually, because it is much easier for the customer to enjoy the wonders of high magnification looking inside a diamond, without having to learn how to focus a loupe as well. Make sure it is a gem-scope with stereoscopic vision and dark-field illumination. A calculator, printed receipts, letterhead, and business cards, are requisites that give the customer an impression of organization and professionalism.

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