Diamond Weight Estimate for Heart Shape

Heart Shape Formula: Length x Width x Depth x .0059 x GTA x Shape Adjustment

Again, like the oval an LWA is not employed.

1) Example of formula in use:

Length measurement: 7.03 mm
Width measurement: 6.86 mm
Depth measurement: 3.25 mm
Girdle: Slightly Thick
Normal Shape: NA

Formula will read: 7.03 x 6.86 x 3.25 x .0059 x 1.018 (GTA) = .9413 Rounded to 0.94 ct.

2) Example of formula in use:

Length measurement: 10.89 mm
Width measurement: 8.94
Depth measurement: 4.72
Girdle: Extremely Thick-
Shape: NA

10.89 x 8.94 x 4.72 x 1.07 (GTA) x .0059 = 2.901 Rounded to 2.90 ct

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