Diamond Length-to-Width Ratio for Fancy Shapes

The length measures 7.42 millimeters, and the width measures 3.61 millimeters. 7.42 divided by 3.61 equals 2.056. The length to width ratio is expressed as 2.06:1.

In the elongated shapes, a length-to-width ratio (L/W) must be determined to complete this particular weight estimation formula. Here the L/W ratio is obtained by simply dividing the length of the stone by its (greatest) width.

Example: A marquis measures 10.83 mm long with a 4.97 mm width. 10.83 divided by 4.97=2.179 — rounded to 2.18. The length is 2.18 times the diameter of the width. The L/W ratio is expressed as 2.18 to 1 or 2.18:1. (The width will always be expressed as one in the ratio.)

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