After allowing the solution to cool down to room temperature, remove the diamonds with some tweezers and drop them into clear water, rinsing the tweezers at the same time. Be aware that the tweezers will corrode, so be sure you have an extra pair available. Again, be cautious of the danger of inhaled acid fumes.

For a quantity of diamonds, rather than picking them out one by one, pour off the acid into a separate beaker, being careful not to allow any diamonds to escape the original beaker. Then carefully rinse the diamonds with clear water to make sure that all the acid has been removed. Be sure to dispose of the diluted acid in a safe place (or neutralize with bicarb). Transfer the batch of diamonds into a lidded tea strainer for a final rinse and dry. Some of the diamonds may stick to the sides of the beaker, so you will have to scoop them out with the flat side of a pair of tweezers or a comparable tool.