Magnification Tools for Grading Diamond | Loupe vs Microscope

From left to right a 10x diamond sawyers loupe, a 10x 20.5 mm folding triplet loupe and a 6x eye loupe.

A 10x loupe will be your most valuable weapon in your arsenal. You will use it more often than any other tool or instrument in your diamond business. (Many dealers wear their loupes on a chain around their necks for quick access.) Since we are dealing with such small objects, magnification is a must to scrutinize the details of an individual diamond. The 10x triplet loupe will be the recommendation of this course. There are many available, ranging mainly in the size of the lenses or field of visible area. Triplets generally fold up and are referred to as hand loupes, since they are held versus an eye loupe, which is either placed in your eye or hooks on your eyeglasses for hands-free viewing.

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