Advanced Diamond Information

Diamond Crown Angles | Importance of Top Diamond Angles

The original ideal angle for the crown is 34.5 degrees. Here again, the major gem labs do agree that slight variations from this angle will still produce a well-cut diamond. This angle was designed to provide the final escape route for the reflected internal light so that the dispersion and brilliance could be viewed. It was also important to provide an angle great enough for light to enter and exit from more diverse directions. Continue reading

Diamond Crown Angle Estimate | Pavilion Main Method for Crown Angles

Holding the diamond in this manner, one can view the profile in estimating angles with some practice. The Pavilion Main Method is another effective way to estimate crown angles without the use of instruments. The elongated kite-shaped "pavilion main" can be viewed through the crown with the table facing toward you. You will see shape distortion where the image of the pavilion main passes under the kite-shaped bezel (top) main facet. Continue reading

Estimating Diamond’s Pavilion Angle | Judging Diamond Bottom Angles

The ideal pavilion angle of 40.75 degrees corresponds to a pavilion depth percentage of approximately 43%. Again this is important to bear in mind for understanding ideal depths and for communicating these facts to other dealers or to retail clientele. In the figure below, note the relationship of flatter and steeper angles to the corresponding depth percentages. Continue reading

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