Diamond Clarity Section Table of Contents | Diamond Clarity in Great Detail

Diamond Crystal Definition | Crystal Appearance in Diamond

This is usually referred to as included crystal, but listed on GIA reports as crystal. A crystal is a very common type of inclusion and as its name implies, it is a separate mineral body existing inside of a diamond. More than two dozen types of crystal inclusions have been identified, but by far the most common is diamond itself. Continue reading

Laser Drill Holes

A dealer will frequently choose to laser drill a diamond for the purpose of improving its appearance. Typically a dark colored inclusion that is eye visible, will be drilled by a high-intensity laser beam. After the laser drill hole (LDH) has reached the inclusion, the diamond is then boiled in a very strong acid to remove the darkness, or bleached to lighten the color of the inclusion. Continue reading

Diamond Natural Definition | Diamond Natural Appearance

A natural is the original surface or skin of a rough diamond. Naturals can be located anywhere on a polished diamond, but for the most part, they are on or around the girdle. The size of a natural determines whether it is either a blemish or an acceptable characteristic. When a cutter is not concerned with clarity, it is likely that a large natural (or naturals) will be left on the crown or pavilion. Continue reading

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